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Why An Unarmed Guard May Be The Answer

Security industry is a growing industry. The Bureau of Labor projects the industry will have over 1.3 people working in the industry by 2024. It is expected the security industry in the United States will reach $69 billion by the end of 2019. Security guards are being utilized almost anywhere. There have been several random acts of violence that have influence having a security guard present in various facilities. Many business owners will need to determine the type of security guard required for their facility. The option between unarmed or armed does not have to be a difficult choice to make. Unarmed security personnel can provide a few benefits if selected. There are plenty of trends in the security industry to help personnel do a thorough job of providing protection to the facility.

Why An Unarmed Guard May Be The Answer

Benefits to Expect When Using Security Guards

With something like unarmed security guards las vegas nv , it may be more affordable than using a guard with a firearm. Wages paid to an unarmed guard normally less than wages paid to the security personnel who is armed. An armed guard will need license to carry the firearm during work. It may cost more for them to trained. The other benefits of hiring an unarmed guard are:

• Clients will feel less intimidated
• Unarmed security may be sufficient
• Reduce risk of violent confrontation

An unarmed guard will allow clients better enjoy their experience without the thought of having potential criminal activity happen. Clients may see the presence of armed guards and may focus on possible robbery. The armed guards could have clients take focus off of enjoying the shopping experience offered by store. The use of an unarmed guard may be enough security required for a facility who does have a high risk of being exposed …

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