3 Significant Errors Companies Make With Enterprise Anniversaries

3 Significant Errors Companies Make With Enterprise Anniversaries

Thinking about celebrating your company anniversary? Be sensible in harnessing the promotional power of this viral marketing technique. Prevent the 3 large mistakes providers make in preparing and executing corporate anniversary promotional campaigns.

Huge Mistake #1: Celebrating With no “Sell”-rating:

Throwing a celebration is one way of celebrating a corporate anniversary. Even so, a more strategic method positions goods and solutions inside the context of the anniversary. As a result, the occasion becomes a “sell”-abrasion, contributing straight to the company’s future results.

Clever providers celebrate and “sell”-abate by generating an anniversary-year theme, creating a branding message for key stakeholders, and executing promotional methods that communicate the anniversary-year message. Here’s how this operates for any company marking its 3rd anniversary, the symbol of which can be Star.

One particular theme this symbol evokes is Hollywood. The branding message this theme suggests is “You’re the Star on Our Red Carpet,” which is often communicated in these approaches:

 For current and former customers, the company hosts a Hollywood-style open residence comprehensive using a red carpet and chocolate statuette awards as thank-you gifts. New products or services are debuted within a “Coming Attractions” video. For potential prospects, the enterprise delivers star-shaped novelty containers filled with foil-wrapped chocolates with attached notes stating “We Could make You a Star!” Sending present certificates for 3 bundled merchandise or services is an extra-special touch for A-list prospects. For employees, the organization rents a regional theater and invites employees and their families to attend a free of charge “Movie and Popcorn Evening.” As part of the festivities, outstanding personnel is recognized with “Star Performer” awards.

Significant Error #2: Waiting Too Extended:

Some organizations celebrate their small business anniversaries on a single day; other businesses celebrate their small business anniversaries all year. Transforming a small business anniversary into a “sell”-abrasion …

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