Setting Up a Small Business When You’ve Got No Money

Setting Up a Small Business When You've Got No Money

Now, in the current financial climate, no-one (apart from a select and lucky few) includes a good deal of cash to throw about. If you’re watching every penny, it might seem that finding anything spare for the business idea is going to be impossible. Happily (and I am living proof) you never really need THAT much money to start up an enterprise. However, and also this could be the cold, hard truth, you need to do need some. Not much, but a majority of. You cannot start a business spending next to anything – well, when you can, please email me and let me know how!

But, you might need less than you think.

If you’re starting up an internet-based business, where you’re casually intangible products like information (for example), then you might start a business while using following (note: all costs are approximate and subject to change):

A computer/laptop = 300

Standard Microsoft office software = 100

Broadband rental = 5 – 10 per month

 Domain name registration = 6

A year’s web hosting service = 30

For this small outlay, you might build a free WordPress website and blogsite, create content, commence to get traffic then monetize your website. All that it might run you in the years ahead can be your hard work. If you’ve already got some type of computer, broadband connection, and Office software, then you’re in front of the game already.

Realistically though, you’ll probably need money for the some or consume:

  • Further training (often a good investment)
  • Physical stock (should you be running a web-based shop)
  • Raw materials should you be making products to sell
  • Marketing materials
  • Networking fees
  • Utilities
  • Computer software and equipment
  • Insurance
  • Registration fees and licenses
  • Accountancy fees
  • Logo and branding
  • Office equipment
  • Stationery

Remember, you must put aside a …

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